Creative Solutions that deliver

Axiom Design is a multi-discipline design studio, based in BlueHills, Midrand. We provide graphic design services across a broad-spectrum of printed and digital marketing media, from logo design through to web design and large format print, such as banners and backdrops. We fill the gap between a freelance graphic designer and a traditional design agency.

By collaborating with a small team of creative professionals we provide a range of first-rate design solutions whilst retaining one-on-one contact with our clients. By getting to know our client’s unique requirements, Axiom aligns design with their marketing and PR strategies to deliver on business goals. We will suggest the best and most cost effective design solutions finished to agency standards and delivered in a professional manner. We have cut out the frills of a traditional design agency, keeping our overheads low and passing these savings onto our clients. We welcome blue chips and sole-traders and believe that effective design should be a realistic proposition for any company.

Design Philosophy

Design doesn’t stop at the company letterhead, it is the way in which a company represents itself in every area of business. It is the experience a customer gains doing business with that company from the greeting at reception, to drinks served during meetings and the pictures hanging on the walls. From the literature in the brochure to the functionality of the website, design is the first line of communication between the customer and the business.

Design speaks the language of your target market

Design formulates a visual language for a brand. This language is designed to grab the attention of the target market and inspire them to respond favorably to the message.

Design does not invest in what's fashionable or the latest technology available, it communicates the personality and quality of a brand. Design illuminates the core offering, it speaks about that which is unique to a product or service AND what the benefit is for those who want it.

Memorable brands sell

The most important aspect of any business is closing sales, without sales, there is no business. The best kind of customer to sell something to is the one who has already decided to buy the product or service that you are offering. The question companies need to ask themselves is “Are we standing out from the competition?” and “Is our brand memorable?” because if the answer is no it's time for the business to look its corporate design.